Executive Board

Ryan Dempsey
What the President Does: The President leads the Executive team and general meetings. They work hard to ensure that Communication Council is doing all it can to serve the Moody students and that the members have all they need to serve them. They also represent the Council at Senate, President and the college’s advisory council meetings.
Major: Public Relations & Texas Media
Year: Senior
Hometown: Lufkin, Texas
Favorite place to eat in Austin: Uchi
Fvorite place you have traveled: Dublin, Ireland
Favorite CC Memory: My favorite CC memories happen every Lake Clean Up. I just love the opportunity to escape our busy lives and enjoy friendship with nature. We always have so much bonding, and I love all the board games which we play there. 

Kirsten Kumar
What the Vice-President Does:
 The VP is in charge of the committees, primarily by helping make sure they are using all of their resources to make great events and such. They also put everyone in their committees and serve as an all around helper to the needs of CHEX!
Major: Journalism
Year: Senior
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Favorite place to eat in Austin: Burro Cheese Kitchen because gourmet grilled cheese is all you could ask for
Favorite place you have traveled: Japan
Favorite CC Memory: Continually getting 2nd place for Trivia Night with my CC fam for the past two years, gotta defend that accomplishment.

Layla Wehbe
Financial Director
What Financial Director Does: The financial director oversees Comm Council’s budgets and work closely with the CHEX team to help complete expenditure paperwork so everyone can maintain their sanity. They also represent Comm Council at Senate meetings and collaborate with other college council’s financial directors.
Public Relations
Year: Junior
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Favorite place to eat in Austin: Verts
Favorite place you have traveled: Byblos, Lebanon
Favorite CC memory: Getting on the ice for the first time at Broomball. I made a fool of myself but it was 100% worth it.

Adrian Schleicher
Administrative Director
What Administrative Director Does: Administrative Director keeps track of everyone’s points for the semester and their attendance. They also make the agendas for each meeting, and make sure we cover everything necessary                                                                          
Major: Public Relations
Year: Senior
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Favorite place to eat in Austin: The Clay Pit
Favorite place you have traveled: It’s a tie between Lusaka, Zambia and Edinburgh, Scotland
Favorite CC memory: Playing Cards Against Humanity and eating s’mores at Lake Clean Up and seeing everyone, including myself, at their worst the next morning. 

Casey Brennan
Internal Director
What Internal Director Does: Internal director is in charge of organizing all of the events held exclusively for Council. They place incoming Commies in their families and work to foster a strong sense of community between members.
Major: Human Relations
Hometown: Southlake, Texas
Favorite place to eat in Austin: Salvation Pizza
Favorite place you have traveled: Amalfi Coast, Italy
Favorite CC memory: Broomball vs. Liberal Arts Council

Sara Leonard
External Director
What External Director Does: External Director  strengthens Communication Council’s relationships with Senate and the other councils at UT. They also plan events within the community such as Lake Clean Up and with other councils, Broomball as an example.
Major: Political Communications/English
Hometown: Richardson, Texas
Favorite place to eat in Austin: Matt’s El Rancho
Favorite place you have traveled: Oxford, England
Favorite CC memory: My favorite CC memory is definitely Trivia Night with my beautiful CC family! We always somehow come in second place, but we have the absolute best time during the event yelling out answers and trying to remember old Disney Channel Original Movies.