Spring 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Showcase Honorees -


Grace Cao 

Freshman, Communication and Leadership, Moody Student

”Charcoal drawing of the sculpture “Pietà” by Jago.”

​​”Charcoal drawing of the sculpture “Pietà” by Jago.”



Isabelle Lho 

Sophomore, Public Relations Major, Moody Student

"The Ride Home"


Emily Pape (she/her)

Senior, Advertising Major, Communication Council General

"Women" artwork


Laura Pike (she/her)

Senior, Communication and Leadership, Communication Council General 

​​”Often times I want to immediately fix an issue, so when dealing with mental health it can be frustrating when an immediate solution isn't possible. Over the years, I've found that sometimes all you can do is just acknowledge and sit with your thoughts. It's in these moments of letting go that I've found the most peace.”  

"You Can Sit With Us" Artwork


Yelena Serrato (she/her)

2024, Political Communication & Government Minor, Communication Council General 

“As a first-gen and child of immigrants, my ultimate motivation is of course my family so it was only appropriate that my first poem, titled "Mi Razón De Ser" (translated to "my reason to be"),  be about them. To all my first-gens, siguen luchando porque si se puede!”

Yelena Serrato's poem